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     We all have an ancestral heritage filled with stories, photographs, movies, artifacts, and more. Put yourself in your ancestor's place. Where did they live? What was their life like? What did they eat? Are there any stories about them? When we learn more about them, we connect with them.

     Explore a variety of fun family activities to help you discover more about your family's heritage.

     Our heritage comes to us in so many different ways, such as with stories, old photographs, boxes of negatives or slides, or 8mm film or VHS movie tapes. Maybe our parents our grandparents have copies of old birth, marriage, or death certificates. Some of our ancestors may have written in journals, or written large family histories.

     Learn how to preserve these types of items. By digitally preserving them, they can easily be shared with other family members.

     One of the most satisfying aspects of Family History work is finding new family members through research efforts. Researching has become significantly easier with the help of multiple search services, "Record Hints", and such. So many different types of records are on-line now, such as Census Records, Military Draft Records, City Directories, Probates & Wills, birth, marriage, and death certificates, obituaries, and more. Doing research is like putting a puzzle together. Try collaborating with other family members.

     The blog site is filled with different tips & tricks, short tutorials, and more that can be helpful to you as you continue in your family history efforts.

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